My First Week at WHIV 102.3 in New Orleans

I just finished my first week of my first internship at WHIV New Orleans (102.3 fm), a community radio station dedicated to public health, human rights, and social justice located in mid-city. I secured this internship through a family friend who is a weekly guest on this station. After contacting him and requesting an interview, the station manager, Andrew Ward, said that he was in need of help since the station is still relatively new.

During the day, WHIV features local New Orleans and Louisiana news and current events with voices as diverse as the city itself. In the evenings, weekends, and holidays, there are locally broadcasted DJ’ed shows highlighting New Orleans music and culture. WHIV is still in its beginning stages, so there is a lot of work that still needs to be done. My internship responsibilities include finding local music to play on the station, converting the music into our system, and connecting with local guests who come to talk about social justice issues and public health topics.

My first week here has been overwhelming but rewarding. During my first week I learned how the radio station works and how to use the equipment. There are several types of equipment in the station, but I am starting to understand the purpose of each piece of equipment. I have also met several local guests who have their weekly show in the station, including Ed Carlson and Calvin Johnson, who run the show NOLA Matters to discuss New Orleans culture and significance. My next project is to create my first PSA announcement about OHmega, a program that is part of Odyssey House that houses minority women who are at high risk of or are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. First I have to meet with Rosa Thomison, the program coordinator, and conduct research and record my voice for the announcement to appear every day on the station! I loved my first week here and cannot wait for the rest of summer. Although I have only learned how to use the equipment so far, I see potential in upgrading the station and getting more involved in the community.

This is my office space in the studio in mid-city New Orleans.
This is my office space in the studio in mid-city New Orleans.

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