Genetics Internship at LSUHSC


My name is Lamiya Tauhid, and I am rising senior at Tulane. This summer I am interning at LSUHSC in the genetics department. My lab is working on finding the vaccine for Chlamydia Trachomitis, a common sexually transmitted bacterial pathogen. I have been assigned my own project where I will perform a series of experiments to outline the cytokines that are related to Chlamydia and how these cytokines help facilitate infection of host cells. This summer, my five objects are:

  1. Learn to manage my time appropriately between work and studying for the MCAT
  2. Learn more experimental procedures while connecting big concepts learned in previous courses such as molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry.
  3. Get further acquainted with the women in the lab and not be afraid to ask questions/seek help.
  4. Gain more confidence in my experimental tactics and ability as a scientist.
  5. Perform a western blot from start to finish on my own along with maintaining a healthy , uncontaminated cell line.


My internship helps women educate themselves because our main goal is to benefit women’s health in out all women’s lab. The environment is encouraging and uplifting, and I hope to become an active contributor to this setting. To prepare for my internship, I have read a series of research papers that discuss several different types of experimental procedures and methods that I could use in my own project. I hope to expand my horizons through trying different techniques used by different labs.

My internship excites me because it will give me a chance to continue my career in research while working alongside other intelligent, hard working women. I hope to learn more than research in the next few months. I believe that I will leave this internship with skills that reach beyond the scope of simply science.

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