Feminist Camp

Meet Marielle Kirstein! Marielle is a Sociology major and interested in a career filled with research.


Describe yourself and why you wanted to attend Feminist Camp:

Growing up with a self-identifying feminist as a mother, feminism has always been in my life. As I’m nearing the end of my college career and thinking about entering “the real world,” Feminist Camp provided me the opportunity to explore how feminism will fit into my adult life.

Describe your favorite parts of the conference:

I would say that my favorite part of the conference was going to NARAL. Although all three of the women we met there were working towards the same goal, each had a different approach to their work. This was definitely one of my favorite parts because I think it clearly demonstrated how incorporating feminism or whatever your value system is into your life is very attainable.

Highlight a speaker or a conference event:

One of the most interesting parts of Feminist Camp was witnessing an early abortion procedure on a papaya. It was amazing to have the experience to witness such an important but private aspect of what is central to many feminists’, including my own, values. Even more so, having the opportunity to openly talk to a well-informed doctor about the procedure was an amazing experience.

Detail what you learned that you hope to never forget:

I hope I never forget the way it felt learning about the experiences of the women from the Women and Justice Center. Hearing about their experiences as pregnant/parents while incarcerated expanded the way I think about the criminal justice system. While this was probably one of the saddest parts of Feminist Camp, I think remembering the importance of health care issues for all people, not just those outside of prison walls, is often an easily overlooked issue.

Why should other students attend Feminist Camp:

I would definitely suggest Feminist Camp to students looking to pursue careers with a feminist focus. Camp also taught us about incorporating feminism into a multitude of professional sectors so anyone could benefit from attending. I would also highlight the social aspect of Feminist Camp for students looking to expand their network to like-minded individuals.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Tulane undergraduate students can apply to NCI for funding to attend Feminist Camp. Email Betsy Lopez at elopez@tulane.edu for more information.

Responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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