Phase One: Complete

Hello! In recent weeks, I have completed the third, fourth, and fifth tasks of the first phase of my internship. Therefore, all five independent learning tasks are complete. I will admit I have learned a tremendous amount in the past weeks.

Task four required me to extend the Laravel application I had completed for Task three by adding new features to the front-end and fields to the database. Task five required the implementation of a SPA (that is, single-page application). The idea of a single-page application is to provide a more fluid user experience by not requiring page redirects or reloading. To achieve this goal, I integrated AngularJS into the Laravel application. I used Protractor (a test framework) to test scenarios and verify whether or not my application worked. Again, both these tasks required the application to be containerized using Docker.

Although it has been a challenge to independently learn all of these new concepts, I am very proud of my completion of the first phase. I have learned a tremendous amount, from the concrete (new languages and frameworks) to the abstract (how to teach myself, utilize resources, and maintain my courage and hope through the frustrating times). I know I have gained very important professional skills, and I look forward to applying what I have learned in the past weeks to future opportunities!

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