Halfway Through my Internship at Wellington


Hi everyone! I’m about halfway through my internship at Wellington Management, and I’ve really been enjoying my experience here so far!

I’m working at the firm’s headquarters in Boston, MA and my first few weeks have been great. I have had the opportunity to attend numerous meetings with the company, my team, and the other interns. The firm has organized multiple intern summer sessions each week, which give us the opportunity to hear from different individuals at the firm and learn about what they do. Everyone I’ve met at the firm is very approachable and willing to answer questions.

I’m working as a research analyst intern with one of the Fixed Income teams, and I’ve been assigned my own research project for the summer. My current project entails research and analysis of a global industry. I will provide portfolio weighting recommendations for the overall industry, as well as for three of the largest global industry participants. At the completion of my project, I will present my industry and company-specific recommendations to a variety of industry professionals, including analysts on my team, portfolio managers, and senior management at the firm. I’m loving the project so far, as I’m finding it to be very challenging and am learning a lot. Both of my supervisors are great, and I’m really enjoying working with them.

The original learning objectives I set for the summer are as follows:

  • I hope to increase my general knowledge in the areas of finance and investment.
  • I hope to be challenged and to think through real problems and identify solutions.
  • I want to directly apply knowledge from the GWI program to real life situations and experiences during my internship.
  • I would like to gain experience working in a professional environment and learn more about business etiquette in the workplace.
  • I hope to make meaningful connections with industry professionals, my cohort, and the GWI community to help overcome obstacles that women face in the asset management industry.

I’ve made some big strides towards my learning goals since completing the GWI program and starting my internship. I’m learning so many new industry concepts and have been constantly challenged throughout both the program and my internship. I’ve been able to gain experience in a professional environment and have had the opportunity to develop skills that will be useful in both my class studies and future career endeavors.

Wellington is very focused on promoting diversity and inclusion, and the firm has multiple programs in place to uphold this value. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a variety of individuals who have all stressed the importance of diversity, and they have all mentioned the famous Wellington saying to “seek a wide audience.” The firm and its employees understand that diversity in background and thought is imperative to helping us become better investors to support our clients. I’ve spoken to many successful, talented women who have helped me learn how to better succeed as a female leader in this industry.

I’m having a wonderful experience at Wellington, and I can’t believe how fast this summer is going by. I wish that I was able to spend a few additional weeks here, as I’m learning a ton from this experience.

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