Wrapping Up the Internship

Hi everyone! My work with Dr. Lederer is continuing to be amazing! Currently, I have two projects with Dr. Lederer that I will be wrapping up at the end of April.
The first project is a literature review of sexual violence prevention education. At first, Dr. Lederer and I thought this would be a short review, but after looking through various articles, we realized that a more in-depth analysis was needed. From my research so far I have found a lot of evidence for short-term attitudinal change from sexual violence prevention programs, but I am beginning to see gaps in long-term behavioral change evidence. As I finish up my literature review, I am hoping to synthesize what goes well for other universities and what does not. With this information, I hope to help inform Tulane’s future sexual violence prevention education.
The second project I am working on is a follow-up to a previous study. I am doing transcriptions of interviews with participants of the prior study. We hit a bump in the road when participants were not showing up for the interviews. To increase participation, we increased the incentive used. Since the adjustment, two more interviews have been scheduled! The more conversations we have, the more information we have to inform the previous research study. Hopefully, before the end of my internship, I will be able to transcribe a few more interviews!
As my final semester at Tulane wraps up, I am incredibly thankful for the experience I have had as a Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health Intern. The skills I have honed, and connections I have made are incomparable.


A picture of my workspace–hydration and good tunes to help me through dense research studies!


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