2nd Week Of Interning

I am really loving my experience of interning at WeWork and working in New York City. The time has flown by! My office is amazing and everyone is so kind. The company really makes an effort to value and care about it’s employees. This is shown through all company meetings, support groups, wellness events, and more. I am realizing that this is something I really value in a company and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it!

Additionally I am learning so much from working in a larger office setting. My previous internships have been at smaller firms so there was a lot of outsourcing. However, in larger firms, there are different departments that work on different parts of the project together. I have found this to be incredibly efficient.

I am also really enjoying my time in New York City. I have been walking so much! There is always something to do or to see.Over the weekend, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, went to a few art galleries, ate my way through smorgusburg, and went to the Brooklyn Flea Market. There are still so many places I want to go to!

Last week I attended a Tulane School of Architecture Networking Event. It made me realize I should really try to attend more networking events and practice my networking skills. At first it was very nerve recking to start up a conversation but eventually I gained enough confidence and I’m really glad I did. Everyone was very friendly and willing to chat with me for at least a little bit. It was amazing to meet everyone see how many people had ended up in New York.

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