So far so good…

It’s crazy to me how quickly this summer is going by. Time flies when you’re busy, and I’ve also been having a great time. I think I’ve been doing well in terms of progressing on my learning objectives. I recently reviewed my objectives and two stood out to me most: “gain an understanding of the interworking of the political system and campaigns” and “grow my network in DC.” I’m very proud of how far I’ve come in terms of these two goals. I feel like I’ve achieved an incredibly thorough understandIMG_8238.jpging of campaigns and everything pertaining to them, such as campaign finance. Further, I’ve made some great connections with people by networking and gained helpful insight and advice regarding my future job prospects. I think that many of the people I have met will also help me further my professional aspirations once it comes time for me to apply for jobs.

I know I am learning so much on the Warren campaign because of how much quicker I can turn projects around. When I first started working with them, especially when I was doing work summarizing Senate hearings and interviews, I had to look up and research all the bills and policy Senator Warren was making reference to. Now, I am fully versed in that information and I know longer need to go back and research what she is talking about. Not only had this made me a more efficient intern but I also feel so much more knowledgeable, especially when it comes to finance and big banks lobbying, topics I previously knew very little about.

I think the work I’ve done at this internship, the people I’ve met and the information I’ve learned in DC has exponentially increased my potential and ability to become a leader. My knowledge of politics and the variety of people I have met while here so far will help me so much when it comes to looking for jobs. Through this internship I have been introduced to people who will help me get a good job in an influential industry. I plan on leveraging that position in order to be the most effective and helpful leader I can be. Further, the environment on the Warren campaign is incredibly uplifting. Everyone is on your side and willing to help with whatever you may need. The people I have worked with have helped me boost my confidence in my abilities which I think will help me go far in life and become a very successful leader.IMG_3664.jpg

The Warren office is largely female and I find that very empowering. The women I work with are incredibly strong, independent and successful. Being around them and having them as role models around the office completely defies gender stereotypes. As mentioned previously, they have lifted my self confidence in terms of job ability and have taught me that even as a women I can achieve so much. Also, many of the women I work with have taught my practical work skills like salary negotiation techniques and how to communicate with bosses you may not see eye to eye with. Overall, this internship has helped me see full potential in the workforce as much larger than I previously thought it could be and I think that moving forward that will help me be a stronger and better leader and hopefully one day a role model for women.

The skills I’ve built over the course of this internship and my time in D.C. will be so helpful in academics. I am a Political Science major and I’m sure that everything I am learning throughout my time on the campaign will be transferable to my courses this upcoming year. An important part of my job is constantly keeping up with politics and what is happening in the world and I know that will be so beneficial when it comes to class discussions and writing essays in my Political Science and International Relations classes. Further, I think it’s incredibly important to be informed on the political sphere and I think this internship has truly allowed me to achieve that. I am confident in my ability to hold a conversation about politics or to have an informed conversation with someone I may not necessarily see eye to eye with, which I think are both very important skills.


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