Mid-Summer Update

I can’t believe my internship is already half way over, time is flying! I am progressing really well regarding my internship goals. I can comfortably say that I understand the court procedures regarding restraining orders. I have started taking hotline calls in the office and next week is the first week I will have the hotline for the full week. I’m a little nervous but feeling a lot more confident then I was in the beginning. I have participated in all of CONNECT’s community outreach events this summer which included: the Seawall event- men standing up to domestic violence, and tabling at the Harbor-fest and Tisbury Street fair. IMG_8259

This is a picture of me tabling at the street fair!

I am monitoring my learning growth by noticing how much more comfortable and easy it is for to work with clients. I now feel very confident in my ability to help clients and I know the knowledge I can share with clients I have learned at CONNECT.

I am currently working on a community outreach project to inform the island community about CONNECT’s resources. I am designing an informative advertisement that will be stuck to the local newspaper twice a year. The local newspaper, The MV Times, is free and mailed to all islanders as well as sold around the island so the advertisement will reach all residents. I am really excited about this project because the more people that know about our services the better we are at helping our community.

This internship has been monumental in shaping me into a strong female leader. I am able to feel confident helping clients through court processes. I am also able to be a support and person to turn to when clients are struggling. My internship has helped me feel these ways through the training I have received as well as hands on experience.

I will be able to use the skills I have learned and will continue to learn in my internship on campus through my role in SAPHE and in my future career plans in the justice system. The major skills I have built thus far are: knowledge about restraining orders and court procedures, time management, and professionalism.

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