Graduating as a RRRH Intern

I have been part of NCI’s Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health internship cohort since January of my Junior year. Now, about year and a half later, I am nearing graduation from Tulane. Although graduation and the end to my college career are not happening in the ways that I expected because of Covid-19, one thing remains the same: this program has impacted my time at Tulane more than anything else.

When I look back at this time, I will always remember the profound impact that working as Dr. Alyssa Lederer’s research assistant has had on me. She has been a fantastic mentor and helped me grow in so many ways. Mainly, she has helped me develop into a confident researcher. About a month ago, I successfully passed my honors thesis that developed out of our work together. Even as graduation nears, we are working hard together on our paper about facilitators and barriers to Expedited Partner Therapy for the participants of the Check It project. Most importantly, the experience she has given me helped me get my future job out of college as a Qualitative Research Assistant for the RAND Corporation. As I move forward in my academic and career paths, I will always look to Dr. Lederer with immense gratitude, respect, and admiration.

Beyond Dr. Lederer, this internship cohort has inspired me in countless ways. My fellow peers do incredible and meaningful work, and I am honored to have learned from them. Every single New Orleans community partner has opened my eyes to the ways that people impact reproductive rights/health/justice issues on a daily basis. And of course, I have immense gratitude to Dr. Clare Daniel for leading this cohort, supporting the interns, and making all of this possible.

In my future, I will continue to utilize the skills and knowledge I have gained from this experience. I am excited to continue to impact reproductive rights/health/justice issues for the rest of my life.