The Impact of Interning with NOAF

As I finish up my year long internship with the New Orleans Abortion Fund, I can’t help but be incredibly grateful for the life changing experience and knowledge that I have gained. At the end of my junior year I was timid about expressing my opinions, I lacked confidence in public speaking and I was unsure what I wanted to pursue prior to graduation. NOAF and the incredible people that I have been lucky to work alongside, took it upon themselves to show me what it means to be unapologetically passionate about something.

Through my work as an RRRH intern I have had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. on multiple occasions as a representative of youth advocacy for abortion access in Louisiana where I met hundreds of other committed and inspiring youth activists who I have maintained contact with. Not only was I able to form strong connections with likeminded individuals, but I was also interviewed by professional media networks such as Ms. Magazine and Rewire News.

I have gained immense knowledge surrounding social justice, reproductive justice and advocacy work through webinars, conferences and hands on experiences locally and across the country. I am now able to openly talk about reproductive health and rights with my peers and superiors and hope to pursue a career in this field. These opportunities would never have been presented to me without the wonderful support of the Newcomb Institute and the New Orleans Abortion Fund.