Continuing with Planned Parenthood for the Summer

By: Janice Zha

As everything shifted online since the pandemic started, my internship has adapted as well. During the first few stressful weeks, there were a lot of unexpected events happening to people around me, such as having to relocate and being furloughed as the economy was struggling as a whole. It was hard to stay focused while working from home. I cleared my table and created a corner in my room with no distraction to help me focus.

During this summer, I continued my internship at Planned Parenthood. This internship allows me to engage in topics and current issues that I’m passionate about. My supervisor Kristin has met with me virtually and discussed MOU and SMART goals for this summer. One of my goals is to engage Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast volunteers and supporters through social media during this quarantine time. For example, there’s a project making a short video on PPGC official Instagram account. The goal of the video is to introduce and explain one service PPGC provides in an accessible way. Besides that, I’m also working on organizing volunteer data in VAN, a PPGC database.