Fall 2020 Blog Post: Interning with Planned Parenthood

By: Isabelle Lian

Kicking off this semester, I am jumping right back in to building strategies for community outreach with a specific focus on voter registration. Unlike previous years where I dedicated the bulk of my time to long-term projects, I will be shifting my focus to helping out with social media campaigns, volunteer engagement, and spreading awareness of the anti-abortion constitutional amendment on the November ballot. This switch up in pacing has been super helpful in my work so far this semester and it feels very refreshing to be back!

Since most of the work is still online, I will be meeting with my supervisor, Kristin, weekly through Zoom for check-in meetings. I am so grateful for Kristin and all the work that she puts in towards building a stronger Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast but to supporting both me and Sophie. We’re hoping to use this time to not only update each other on our work for the week but also as a space to decompress.

As our work continues only, I am hoping to expand my professional skills and deepen my knowledge of reproductive rights and health. I’m really excited to see what this semester brings and I see potential in the opportunities that can come with online programming.