Continuing my Research with Dr. Clare Daniel

Continuing my Research with Dr. Clare Daniel by Grace Riley

Hi again everyone! I am excited to share what have been working on during my third semester as a Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health intern. Throughout my time in this program, I have had the privilege of working as a research assistant for Dr. Clare Daniel in the Newcomb Institute.

This summer, I started by continuing my research on the foundations of Medicaid and the initial debates surrounding eligibility. Specifically, I looked into information about the welfare reform of 1996 and discussions of Medicaid eligibility for undocumented immigrants and people convicted of a felony.

In addition to this, I worked with Dr. Daniel on our paper titled Building Equitable Partnerships and a Social Justice Mindset through a Donor-Funded Reproductive Rights and Health Internship Program. This paper looks at the RRRH program design through feedback from participants, supervisors, and alumni to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Ultimately, I hope that this paper will be used by other higher education institutes to develop similar programs that promote social justice mindsets in college students.

As I’ve said before, this program and these projects have motivated me to become more involved in this type of work in the future and seeing the success of my cohort makes me optimistic for the future of reproductive rights and health.