Celebrating My Time at the National Women’s Law Center

Celebrating My Time at the National Women’s Law Center by Grace Fay

This summer I have had the pleasure of working with the Development Team at the National Women’s Law Center, where I was able to expand my knowledge on modern gender equity issues, and specifically how organizations create and sustain change. My work with the development team allowed me to explore how organizations like the NWLC acquire and mobilize their resources in order to effectively implement programs and policies. Working with the development team also allowed me to see how non-profits can work with outside groups, such as foundations, individuals, law firms, and corporations to make an impact within their own organizations.

I was able to spend time building my skills and completing a foundation proposal that detailed the work our organization performed, particularly highlighting the work being done by our childcare and workplace justice teams. I was also able to meet with the teams who worked on both those issues and learn more about the work that NWLC is doing. For instance, the pandemic has shed a light on the need for expansive and well-funded childcare for all working parents, not just those who can afford it.

The NWLC also spent time teaming up with interns at Time’s Up, an organization that organizes legal support for those who are fighting against sexual harassment. The exposure to new gender equity organizations helped me gain a larger understanding of how gender politics works, particularly on a national level.

I was also able to learn critical fundraising skills, such as learning how to operate and navigate Raiser’s Edge, a donor database that was critical to our efforts of planning our annual gala and being able to call on important partners for support.

This internship experience allowed me to work in a field I am passionate about, gender equity, while also building important skills necessary for fundraising and corporate/donor relations. I also gained a passion for work in fundraising and valued the ability to work in a supportive and feminist environment.