Importance of Practical Support in Abortion Funding

Importance of Practical Support in Abortion Funding”

by Nathalie Pruitt

Sadly, my term as the New Orleans Abortion Fund’s (NOAF) Client Services Data Intern has come to an end along with my college career. I am so grateful to both this organization, and my supervisor, Merritt Rebouche, who supported my growth and development in this internship. I am also grateful that I could participate in the 10th annual Roe v. Wade Lecture Conceiving Equity in March, where I presented my data analysis on NOAF’s Practical Support Fund. This event was meaningful to me because it was one of the first in person events I have attended through the Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health Internship program. I loved seeing my fellow Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health interns’ work from their community partners and how our work overlaps. Additionally, it was wonderful to see the greater Newcomb-Tulane community engage with Reproductive Justice work; students and faculty alike engaged in my research and asked some tough questions. It was a good reminder that this is important work–both for our clients and advocacy purposes, but also for our community. It can be difficult to remember that when my day-to-day internship is spreadsheets and data entry from my kitchen table, but Conceiving Equity gave me a new perspective.

In addition to presenting my Practical Support Analysis at Conceiving Equity, my report was presented to NOAF’s Board of Directors in their annual budget meeting. Based on my findings, the Practical Support budget was allocated approximately $35,000 more for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. I am proud of the whole Client Services team (Merritt and I), for growing the Practical Support fund in just two years. This fund will become more instrumental in NOAF’s services as more restrictive legislation is passed in Louisiana and neighboring states.

Overall, I have learned so much about adaptability, mutual aid, nonprofit structure and management, and the ins and outs of Google sheets from my three semesters at this amazing organization. I will miss the support and kindness from the NOAF and RRRH staff. I hope to promote the same community centered, intersectional, understanding and support to my future endeavors in furthering reproductive justice.