Advocacy and Organizing With Planned Parenthood

“Advocacy and Organizing With Planned Parenthood”

by Kelsey Lain

Working with Planned Parenthood North Central States this summer has allowed me to gain further experience in organizing for reproductive rights. My responsibilities include working as an internship assistant for the Path2Power and Generation Action programs. I am also learning more about grassroots organizing as well as the power within people-power. Through weekly meetings with the P2P interns and speaker presentations, I have become more equipped on how to effectively organize. Additionally, I’m prepping material for the upcoming academic year’s Generation Action program. Specifically, I am planning a curriculum around a diversity, equity, and inclusion speaker series to educate high schoolers on a variety of topics from anti-semitism to ableism to police brutality.

Doing this work is very fulfilling for me. I am proud to join and foster a community of like-minded peers. Oftentimes, repro advocacy work can be draining and exhausting, especially with repeated setbacks and public pushback. It is easy to feel disheartened when doing organizing work, but it’s comforting to know that I’m not by myself in my beliefs and convictions. Although I work entirely remotely, I still feel connected to the rest of the staff and team members. As a rising senior, I really appreciate the advice they’ve given me in terms of career opportunities in repro rights after graduation.

With America now in a post-Roe world, it is more essential than ever before to advocate for reproductive care. For me, this advocacy is important because of how wide-ranging it is. From the right to contraception or the right to raise children in a good environment, sexual and reproductive healthcare touches many aspects of daily life. When I advocate for sexual and reproductive healthcare, I’m advocating for not only the right to personal autonomy but also to practice that autonomy in a safe and healthy manner. PPNCS has offered me another avenue to advocate for not only my immediate community but also to make a difference somewhere el