Pushing Creative Boundaries with Social Media Management

“Pushing Creative Boundaries with Social Media Management”

by Maya Neiberg

In August, I was honored to become a Newcomb RRRH intern with Creative Community League (CCL) and its director Amy Irvin. CCL is a New Orleans non-profit organization that supports local artists and fosters creativity through cultural storytelling concentrated on reproductive and sexual health. I manage and generate content for the CCL social media and communication platforms, such as their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Before my internship, I was an avid social media user. I enjoyed creating projects on Canva for school assignments and more. However, I was never responsible for managing an organization’s social media accounts. Initially, the task was a bit daunting since I wanted to properly represent the goals and mission of CCL and continue strengthening its social media presence. Despite my first-time jitters, Amy provided plenty of reassurance and support during my many weeks with CCL. I greatly appreciated the guidance and creative freedom Amy gave me when I was generating content to post.

My favorite parts of the internship over the last several months were the social media series I created. Creating an ongoing series was my original idea, and the first topic I highlighted was Hispanic Heritage Month. With the series, I had the creative freedom to deviate from the usual themes of CCL posts. I enjoyed exploring other means of telling the stories and experiences of Latinx communities in the United States. This was an exciting process for me, and I gained a better understanding of barriers and issues Latinx/e people face in accessing reproductive care.

The second series I led helped promote CCL’s abortion guide, written by a previous CCL intern. As an out-of-state student at Tulane, I was unaware of the specific abortion laws and regulations in Louisiana. Using the guide as a resource for myself, I had the opportunity to learn about the abortion situation in Louisiana. To promote the guide, I had fun creating content I was less familiar with, such as reels on Instagram. I got to explore an entirely new method of content creation, which expanded my skill sets and helped me understand how to use social media to promote CCL.

As I conclude this first semester interning at CCL, I am thankful for the incredible experiences and knowledge I have gained working with such a wonderful organization. This internship has only fueled my passion for supporting reproductive health and justice, and I am eager to learn more in the upcoming semester with CCL.