The Legality of Plan B Donations: Reproductive Health Justice Research

The Legality of Plan B Donations: Reproductive Health Justice Research

By Keerthana Krishnan

This summer, I was given the opportunity to work with SisterLove Inc., an organization based in Atlanta, GA, that works with the metro-Atlanta community to implement and educate on safer-sex practices and conduct community-based research. As a research intern, I was able to contribute to their efforts by conducting research and helping with administrative tasks.


My biggest research project with SisterLove was looking into the legality of Plan B donations to the community. I was able to work on my professional communication skills by contacting other reproductive health organizations around the country that already donate Plan B to their communities. I spoke with the administrators of several of these organizations to find out how they were able to donate Plan B and if they had seen a positive change, in terms of safer-sex practices and reproductive health, within their community after starting donations. Through this project, I was able to improve my research and professional communication skills, and I was also able to learn more about the reproductive health organizations around the country.


Before my internship, I had a very shallow understanding of reproductive health justice and how organizations in this field functioned. After working with SisterLove, I was able to see how much happens “behind-the-scenes” and how there are several moving parts with any project in the organization. For example, when doing research for my Plan B project, I had to consider how each state’s reproductive health laws vary and how that may affect certain policies and actions.


I believe that both my personal and professional life have been enriched because of my time with SisterLove. I’ll carry the lessons I’ve learned and the people I’ve met with me for years to come. I am very thankful for the opportunities and guidance they gave me for my future academic and professional careers.