Finally AcCUSTOMed to Custom Blend Cosmetics

Hello from NYC!

I am about to hit the midpoint of my internship with GIELLA Custom Blend Cosmetics and am loving every bit of my time here in NYC. I have been working with Giella for about 3 weeks, and I have already learned so much.

I have learned about the necessary traits to be a successful entrepreneur including being driven, determined, and flexible because things can change instantly. Giella always has her business on her mind even if she is just cooking dinner for her family. I have spent time at many of her different NYC locations and seen how the different locations are run to appease different sectors of her clients. I have seen the lessons from my management and marketing classes specifically come into play when working with my coworkers and boss as well as client relationships.

I have created many email promotions using MailChimp and monitored their successes. I have also gotten to go to our warehouse and help fill mass orders of products. Who knew it could be so tiring to make 50 lipsticks in one day? We have just launched our brand new website, and I have been working with Bartok, the company that has redone our website, on further improving the website’s product descriptions and our presence on social media.

This internship has allowed me to have more self confidence in being willing to state my opinion on business matters with what we should and should not do or say specifically in an email or on social media. I think this stronger self confidence will be very transferrable with my involvement in on campus organizations and with future professional experiences.

I am looking forward to these next couple of weeks at GIELLA Custom Blend Cosmetics as I know I will learn and grow even more. I am so appreciative of Newcomb for allowing my dream to become a reality. Don’t forget to follow @giellacustomblendcosmetics on Instagram and like us on Facebook!

On the left is the lipsticks we made to celebrate Pride month and on the right is me looking very excited about wearing a GIELLA lab coat in the warehouse.

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