Halfway with Hybridizations!

Hi Everyone!

Hannah B. here again reporting from the Meadows’ Lab at Tulane University. My role here has certainly become more interesting as the weeks pass on. The first week I didn’t start my personal project yet. I helped out with experiments that the lab tech, Katie, and our grad student, Angela, were working. It was also a time for me to get really comfortable using the lab, practicing safe working habits, and learning where everything was. I had a chance to practice some embryo and retina dissections under the microscope, which were both quite challenging. I haven’t gotten the hang of the retinas yet, but I will keep practicing during every opportunity I am given.


The second week was when I started my project: in situ hybridizations. This is basically a procedure that lets us see where certain precursors to proteins, mRNA, are being expressed in a sample. The procedure takes about 3 days to complete, and I’ve tried the procedure a few times with some successes and some mistakes. However, all the mistakes I’ve made have been learning experiences so that I can do a better job next time.


-Hannah B.



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