Midpoint at SLLS

My original learning objectives were:

– Gaining hands-on understanding of what it takes to build a successful case file through research

– Learn how to properly research information for case files

– Learn what the many paths that a case can go down

– Gain knowledge about what professional tools are needed in the law field, namely as far as communications go

– Learn how to work with vulnerable populations in the law field

Other than coordinating with NCI on this internship, I am also in the process of fulfilling my second tier with my services this summer, as SLLS is a non profit. I began my process with NCI as the semester was ending, and began my class with CPS about a month and a half later. Part of that involved establishing a Memorandum of Understanding. Here, my supervisor and I took some to reflect and redefine as I have been with them all of the summer term. Here, we decided to stick with all the objectives, but omit the first one and replace it with:

– Learn how to build volunteer opportunities to increase capacity of helping vulnerable populations at a nonprofit

Reflecting on my work thus far, I still have not had the oppurtunity to acquaint myself much with case files, but I have been able to see a bit what it takes to build a strong case on the court floor. I have been exposed to research methods at least for our organization, though I have not be able to directly work with those materials. I have seen some of the paths that cases can go down, again from my time observing court. I have seen how communication and business is attended to by being in the environment of our firm. Also, I am set to be trained with a law clerk in our unit on approaches to our population before I am set to leave SLLS. As far as the new objective goes, it is exactly the function that my role plays within the organization and something I have been working on all summer. The main project I have been working on has been trying to find a more committed volunteer who could be a receptionist at our second busiest, Baton Rouge office. It is a bit of an uphill battle, especially after some hurdles with trying to find coordinate with the Council on Aging in Baton Rouge which is currently going trouble with the law itself. I am proud of getting to know Judge D’Souza from spending time in her court this summer. She had some great words of wisdom for me going into committing myself to a career in law as someone who built a family before returning back to the workforce and making such an unparalleled name for herself. She is truly inspiring.

I am monitoring my growth by realizing that I have had less questions as the summer has gone on and by the diverse experiences I have been able to witness both in and out of the office itself.

This internship has supported my growth as a leader because I have been in charge of projects, and even though I get feedback, I am the one to get the ball rolling and who is responsible at the end of the day. This internship is showing me that though the field of law often is over saturated by men, SLLS has such a strong network of amazing, driven women, who at the end of the day get the job done. It has resulted in a pretty empowering summer.

I am building skills of responsibility, accountability, professionalism, and innovative thinking through the projects I am delegated and their signfigance. These all make a good foundation for a student, i.e. with group work and being able to manage myself and my goals, and also with being a professional down the road and having more autonomy that requires all these traits to flourish.

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