Nearing the end of my internship at Admitad India

I am over halfway through my time as an intern at Admitad India. Time has flown by quickly which makes me both happy and sad. I am learning many different parts of the work composition and having fun doing it, which is the happy part but I’m also sad because soon, I will have to say goodbye to this amazing place and the great people I am working with.

A lot has happened since I published my previous blog post. I have mostly been spending my time with the Public Relations (PR) team. I was also recently asked to move to the seat right next to the PR Head of the company. She is incredibly sweet and helpful. She expects nothing but full commitment to whatever work she assigns me, but is very appreciative everytime I successfully write an article, a press release, or blog post for the company’s website. She has helped me get over my inhibitions in interacting with my professional superiors. She encourages me to develop an attitude for learning. Since interacting with her, I have been much more confident in approaching my seniors to ask for more work, or help.

One of my learning objective that I have gained extensive experience in is independence, in thought and in action. Despite being the youngest intern of the group, I have been trusted with various responsibilities that I am expected to fulfill mostly on my own. I am encouraged to ask for assistance whenever need arises, but for the most part, my supervisor often commends my sense of creative problem-solving in completing my assigned tasks.

A little over two weeks ago, I started working through a list of potential clients, connecting to them over phone calls and LinkedIn. I was able to transfer over 15 of these to my advertising supervisor. I worked with her throughout the process and together, we capitalized on two huge deals. I was extremely proud of myself for being a part of this success.

Currently most of my time is spent on proofreading and writing content for Admitad’s website. Only a couple days ago, the CEO of the company, Neha Kulwal, who is also my direct supervisor, called me into her office to congratulate me on writing a near-perfect draft for a press release that had to be sent to leading national newspapers.

I have been having an extraordinary time learning and engaging with the work here at Admitad. This internship is bringing about amazing changes in me as a beginner in the professional world.


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