Gaining Knowledge with ACTIONS

Gaining Knowledge with ACTIONS  (Blog Podt #1) by Zoe Green

This summer, I have the privilege of working with a California-based organization: Abortion Care Training Incubator for Outstanding Nurse Scholars, also known as ACTIONS. 

The individuals who I have been able to work alongside are so dedicated to not only the subject of what their acronym represents but all feminist and reproductive health advocacy through an intersectional lens. Although my time with ACTIONS so far has been brief, I have already been positively challenged to go outside of my comfort zone and assist in the growth of the organization by working on the development of their professional social media presence, as well as participating in different webinars and educational conversations with my coworkers and peers on the topics of reproductive justice and public advocacy through social media. I’ve been challenged to work while considering important factors of the field such as political representation, different types of activism and what they represent, and the ways in which we want to best represent the demographic of under-served BIPOC women we serve. They’ve also challenged me to use an intersectional lens to examine how our content, as well as the topic of conversation as a whole, will affect different, underrepresented minorities, such as people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. Being able to work with ACTIONS so far has been an incredible experience that has immersed me into the world of reproductive health and I am so excited to work on other projects with them throughout the summer that will only further immerse me into the world of reproductive justice both professionally and educationally.