My Summer With ACTIONS

Summer With ACTIONS By Zoe Green

Throughout this summer, I was given the opportunity to work with a California-based organization: Abortion Care Training Incubator for Outstanding Nurse Scholars, also known as ACTIONS. This opportunity immediately struck me as one of a kind when I was introduced to it, but I had no idea how special it would really turn out to be before I started. During my time spent with ACTIONS, I got to work alongside incredible professionals in the reproductive justice industry who allowed me to be a helping hand in the change they are making for minority women, midwifery, and abortion care just to name a few. I’ve been challenged to fully immerse myself into this new environment to assist in making a change, using my time to advocate via social media for reproductive health reform, and using critical thinking and analysis to incorporate relevant and underrepresented news from ACTIONS for the public.

I feel privileged to not only have been able to witness, but also be a part of the influence ACTIONS is having on the world of academia; their progression into public advocacy via social media is an exciting step into broadening the audience they currently have to help make societal changes. I’ve gained a new understanding of the importance of feminist-centered advocacy for social issues by seeing the impact it can have when it reaches people. In every part of the work I was doing, I had the confidence of knowing that it would support making a significant change for so many individuals, making it all the more important. Working with ACTIONS has allowed me to expand my ability to apply a feminist-focused lens to my work and has helped me to further realize my passion for reproductive justice advocacy, especially as a career. Moving forward, I’m very eager to apply these skills that I’ve gained through my time with ACTIONS not only in my education but in my everyday life as a woman being constantly affected by the progression of reproductive justice. Social justice issues are not just apparent in the workplace, they are always affecting society and it’s important to acknowledge that reforming society’s views of feminism, reproductive justice, and the experiences of minority individuals does not have an endpoint; it is ever-progressing and something to always be building upon. Although my time with ACTIONS has come to an end, I truly appreciate all that I have gained and look forward to seeing everything they will accomplish in the future.