Creating Content with the Nancy Davis Foundation

Creating Content with the Nancy Davis Foundation

By Claire Huff

Interning at the Nancy Davis Foundation for the spring semester of 2024 was the perfect way to end my college career here at Tulane. In this role, I utilized so many of the skills I learned in my Sociology and Gender & Sexuality studies classes including writing, researching, and creating graphics. Not only this, but I forged connections with other interns and made some new friends along the way!

It was a pleasure to learn more about reproductive justice from such a passionate advocate like Nancy Davis. As an intern, one of my daily tasks included researching local and federal news related to reproductive rights. So, through my discussions with Nancy and my daily news research, I continued to grow in my understanding of the reproductive justice movement.

Daily, I scoured online news sources to find breaking stories related to anything reproductive rights like abortion news, content related to healthcare access, information about pregnancy, etc. From doing this, I discovered so many helpful news sites, columns, zines, blogs, and newsletters that I will continue to read after I finish my internship.

While researching, whenever I found a story that piqued my interest and that related to the mission of the Foundation, I would clip the headlines and relevant quotes to create social media posts that highlight the news story. During my semester as an intern, my graphic design skills definitely improved after all the practice. I made hundreds of graphics highlighting local activists, important quotes, breaking headlines, and information about Foundation events.

I would love to thank Nancy Davis and the Newcomb Institute for giving me the chance to learn and grow throughout this internship. I am proud of how much I learned about reproductive rights and reproductive health, as well as my new graphic design skills. Being a part of this internship program helped me to develop skills and connections that will help me significantly as I enter my professional career.