The Confidence that Ms. Magazine Has Brought to My Future

The Confidence that Ms. Magazine Has Brought to My Future

By Jules Hanisee

Ms. Magazine- Editorial Intern

The end of this semester marks a year of working for Ms. Magazine, and it sadly marks the end of my time as an editorial intern. As such, I hope to reflect on all that I have had the privilege of experiencing with Ms. Over this past year, I have had the opportunity to watch Ms. grow as an independent, not-for-profit news source, interact with new interns each semester, and learn about what inspires me to work at the intersection of politics and journalism. Most importantly, I have learned the meaning of being a part of a community working towards a greater good and the feelings attached. 

Since July of 2023, I have written the War on Women Report each month, which highlights the top 10 U.S. news events affecting women. Over my time with Ms., I have authored 10 articles, with every article teaching me something new along the way. When I first started writing the WoW report, I learned about how to utilize the “active voice” in my writing instead of the “passive voice”, which was something I had never worked on up until that point. After writing a few articles, I learned how to develop my voice more as a journalist and how to write pieces in my style. My most recent articles taught me how to develop a story-telling narrative in short pieces and how to communicate complicated political subjects in a simplistic manner. 

Beyond writing skills advancement, I have learned a lot about myself personally through my internship with Ms. As a female student, learning how to present yourself confidently and positively in professional spaces is a long journey. Because of the RRRH and FSI programs, as well as the kindness extended to me by the entire Ms. team, I feel remarkably more confident with myself as a student, a writer, and an activist. I have better knowledge of how I can apply my skills to professional settings. Before starting my internship, I was not sure what I wanted to do after I graduated college, and I did not have the self-confidence to pursue my interests. Although I still am not sure what I would like to do post-graduation, Ms. has given me the skills to explore my passions and interests and the confidence to put myself out in professional spaces in the future. 

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Ms. Magazine and the Newcomb Institute for providing me with countless opportunities to grow and learn. I am sure that Ms. will continue to inspire me daily, and it has been a privilege to learn from such a creative and driven team.